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Meet the Dream Team!

The Van Bortel aircraft service team makes your aircraft right the first time—with factory parts and factory-trained technicians.

Meet Our Senior Service Experts

John "Rusty" Hoffman, Vice President
Rusty has been with the company for more than 25 years! Rusty started our service department in 1987 and is responsible for what it is today. As an A&P, IA, and commercial pilot with over 10,000 hours in Cessna aircraft, Rusty is our go-to expert for the problems that no one else can solve!

Paul Park
No one knows more about Cessna single engine aircraft than Paul Park! Having attended all of Cessna's factory single engine training and as an A&P with over 30 years' experience, Paul is our resident Cessna single engine expert. Paul also serves as the Chief Inspector for Van Bortel Aircraft's FAA certified repair station. Paul has been loyally serving Van Bortel customers for over 23 years.

Bill Prince
Bill is our awesome service manager! Bill is responsible for providing all Cessna high wing customers with the level of service you would expect from the world's finest Cessna service center. After a tour in the military, Bill attended A&P School and immediately joined Van Bortel Aircraft where he has been dedicated to serving Van Bortel customers for over 23 years!

Darryl Taylor
Darryl is one of the world's leading subject matter experts on the Cessna 400 (Corvalis) and Columbia Aircraft line. As a test pilot at Columbia Aircraft, Darryl conducted over 200 first flights, countless spin resistance tests, and hundreds of other production and experimental flight tests. He is active in the Corvalis community where he is one of the most sought after flight instructors in the world. Darryl will help you purchase a new or used Corvalis, find proper flight training, or provide consultation on an enormous range maintenance issues. Darryl has also worked as a test pilot with Eclipse Aviation. Darryl is an Associate Member in the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, and is a Certified Flight Instructor.

Gary Conover
Gary leads Van Bortel Aircraft's world renowned avionics shop. Gary learned avionics installation and repair in the U.S. Marine Corps, and has honed his skills in his more than 32 years of experience in the field. Gary has completed the Garmin G-1000 Factory Training. Over the course of his impressive career, Gary has held positions ranging from Avionics Technician to Director of Operations.

Sam Wall
Sam is Van Bortel Aircraft's leading avionics technician and go-to avionics expert. Sam is a perfectionist and his work is absolutely the best in the business. Sam learned avionics installation and repair in the U.S. Marine Corps. Sam has completed the Garmin G-1000 Factory Training and knows Cessna Single Engine Aircraft (including the Caravan) Avionics as well as anyone in the world! Sam has been loyally serving Van Bortel customers for over 21 years.


We are conveniently located at the Arlington Municipal Airport (GKY), in Arlington, Texas—only 20 miles south of the Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

Certified Repair Station # VNFR171L

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