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No one offers you more for your Cessna than the world's largest Cessna dealer!

If you are interested in selling your Cessna, you have come to the right place! Van Bortel Aircraft is a large Cessna aircraft buyer that offers reasonable deals so you can get the most for your aircraft. There is always someone out there who will make further use of it and continue the flying tradition. By selling your Cessna aircraft, you're helping out everyone as we have customers patiently waiting to buy a Van Bortel Cessna!

Our knowledgeable and experienced buying team will work with you to purchase your Cessna for the most money, close the transaction quickly (aircraft that arrive at our facility by 11am on weekdays are closed and fully funded the same day.), and make it a great experience. Simply fill out the form on the Aircraft Purchase Checklist page, and after reviewing it, we'll give you a call right away. From then, our buying team will discuss the specifics on how you can get the most for your Cessna aircraft. We are very eager to work with you!

Our buying philosophy is simple; treat people the way we would want to be treated while maintaining our principles of integrity, respect, and trust in our quest to find the Best Cessna Aircraft for our customers. We are very proud of the wonderful relationships that we've built with the Cessna owners who we've worked with over the last 25 years! Thank you for considering Van Bortel Aircraft to be your Cessna aircraft buyer.

We buy almost 200 pre-owned Cessna Aircraft each year for our customers!

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"You have made all aspects of the purchase very easy, exceeding expectations." — J.P. 

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