Trade Your Cessna for a Cessna

We Love Cessna trade-Ins! We also really like to take other aircraft in trade. In fact we will take anything in trade on a Cessna and have!! Boats, cars, motorcycles, RV's, land, etc. Call us today to get a trade difference on one of our Cessna Aircraft!

Look at our exclusive money-back guarantees on the aircraft we sell, and the best financing in the industry.

Our Customers Say...
"We were all really impressed with the professionalism of both you and your company. You have done everything you said you'd do."

"Van Bortel has been everything I expected it to be throughout the entire process and you have completely lived up to your reputation."

"Your helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable hand-holding has made my first aircraft purchase a pleasure. It was heartfelt. Mr. Van Bortel knows how to sell aircraft."


The words out there these Guy's are Top Shelf in every way with there Customer Support after sale.   -Kent Saunders

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