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Trade Your Cessna for a Cessna

We love doing business with you to serve as your Cessna aircraft trader and help you trade-in your Cesnna! We are also capable of accepting other items of value in a trade for one of our Cessna aircraft. In fact, we will take anything in a trade for a Cessna and have done so in the past! We've accepted items such as boats, cars, motorcycles, RVs, land, etc. No trade is beyond our ability to discuss, so inquire today about your proposal. Call us today to get a trade difference on one of our Cessna Aircraft!

Our exclusive money-back guarantee on the aircraft we sell and the best financing in the industry highlights our customer-focused approach. Cessna aircraft boast the #3 safety rating and will keep you protected while you're adventuring through the sky. Not only do they deliver on safety ratings, but they also come with low maintenance. Cessna aircraft do not require the extensive and tedious repairs and fixer-upper projects that most aircraft do. Low maintenance is important because these planes can be used for just about anything. Their impeccable flexibility makes them one of the highest utility aircraft in the world! You're sure to be satisfied when you fly with a Cessna and go through a Cessna aircraft trader like us! Please fill out the form to the right to provide details about your trade proposal.

Our customers mean the world to us. Here's what they have to say:

"We were all really impressed with the professionalism of both you and your company. You have done everything you said you'd do."

"Van Bortel has been everything I expected it to be throughout the entire process and you have completely lived up to your reputation."

"Your helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable hand-holding has made my first aircraft purchase a pleasure. It was heartfelt. Mr. Van Bortel knows how to sell aircraft."


I've known and dealt with Howard since 1994, buying and selling several airplanes as well as recommending my friends to Van Bortel Aircraft. Always a good experience!! I highly recommend them to anyone considering a new or used Cessna!  -John Bleakley

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