Year Description N# Total

Cessna TTx's

2014 Cessna T240 TTx
G2000, GFC700, WAAS
N240MT 543 543 Please Call
2014 Cessna T240 TTx
Air! SVT! ESP! TAWS-B! Active Traffic (TAS)! XM Weather! ADS-B Out!
G2000, GFC700, WAAS
N11PG 853 853 Please Call

Cessna 400

2007 Cessna 400 SL
Air! TAWS-B! TCAD! ADS-B In/Out!
G1000, GFC700
N921GB 1548 1548 Please Call
2005 Cessna 400
Air! WAAS! GNS 430! ADS-B Out!
N415ME 1472 0 SFRM Please Call

Cessna 350

2008 Cessna 350
Air! SVT! Active Traffic (TAS)! TAWS-B! ADS-B Out!
G1000, GFC700, WAAS
N345HB 880 880 Please Call

Cessna T206H (Turbo Stationair)

2016 Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair
Air! HD (Gross Weight Increase)! SVT! Active Traffic (TAS)! WX500! XM Weather! ADS-B In/Out! Oversized Tires and Fairings!
G1000, GFC700, WAAS
N435CK 575 575 Please Call
2006 Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair
Air! Active Traffic (TAS)! ADS-B Out!
N904CR 565 565 Please Call
1999 Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair
GNS-530 WAAS! ADS-B In/Out!
N62546 3007 839 SFRM
Sale Pending

Cessna T182T (Turbo Skylane)

2013 Cessna T182T Turbo Skylane
SVT! TAWS-B! Active Traffic (TAS)! Chartview! ADS-B Out!
G1000, GFC700, WAAS
N513KM 550 550 Please Call
2008 Cessna T182T Turbo Skylane
Air! SVT! ADS-B In/Out
G1000, GFC700, WAAS
N6145H 1572 1572 Please Call
2005 Cessna T182T Turbo Skylane
Air! ADS-B In/Out!
N481W 1691 619 SMOH Please Call
2004 Cessna T182T Turbo Skylane
Air! Active Traffic (TAS)! ADS-B Out!
N65348 1298 1298 Please Call
2003 Cessna T182T Turbo Skylane
WAAS! GMX-200 MFD! ADS-B In/Out!
Nav II
N5327U 1076 250 SMOH Please Call

Cessna 182T (Non Turbo Skylane)

2017 Cessna 182T Skylane
NXi! Air! Active Traffic (TAS)! SVT! XM Weather! WX500!
G1000, GFC700, WAAS
N705JW 570 570 Please Call
2007 Cessna 182T Skylane
G1000, GFC700, WAAS
N1737L 1056 1056 Please Call
2005 Cessna BRS Parachute! SVT! ADS-B In/Out
N2351E 1536 1536 Please Call
2002 Cessna 182T Skylane
GTN 750! WX500! MFD! ADS-B Out!
Nav II
N417DD 618 245 SFRM Please Call

Cessna 182S

1999 Cessna 182S Skylane
N2376R 2399 591 SFRM Please Call
1998 Cessna 182S Skylane
WX950 Stormscope! Collision Avoidance System! Garmin 496!
N978RA 2221 341 SMOH Please Call

Hangar C / Trade-Ins

2013 Aviat Husky A-1C-180
ADS-B In/Out!
N28NF 207 207 $269,500
2011 Cessna 162 Skycatcher
ADS-B Out! Light Sport!
N162LM 410 410 Please Call
1985 Piper PA-28-161 Warrior
N9284M 11789 1213 SMOH $89,500
1979 Piper Turbo Dakota PA-28-201T
Air! Garmin 530W! ADS-B In/Out!
N2205Y 2739 881 Please Call
1979 Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking
N479SV 4350 1020 SMOH $89,500
1978 Piper PA-28-161 Warrior
Garmin GPS! ADS-B Out!
N44858 7175 1742 SMOH $49,500


FTOFerry Time Only
SFRMSince Factory Remanufactured


You won't find a finer aircraft seller period. I had the pleasure of buying a Cessna Turbo G1000 Skylane from George Van Bortel and it was a great experience. If your looking for world class aircraft with the finest service around, Van Bortel Aircraft is it. They will definitely sell me my next plane too.   -Brent Perry


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