Company Milestones


  • Howard G. Van Bortel learns to fly a Cessna 150 on a grass strip in upstate New York


  • Howard G. Van Bortel starts Van Bortel Aircraft with $1,000 in the bank on a card table in his sister's living room


  • Van Bortel Aircraft starts to specialize in Cessna 172s and moves to Monroe County Airport in Rochester, New York with a new $50,000 floor plan


  • Van Bortel Aircraft's operation moves to Arlington, Texas with over 50 Cessnas in inventory; selling, servicing, and refurbishing approximately 15 Skyhawks per month with exports to almost every country in the world


  • Van Bortel Aircraft becomes the first and only dealer to offer an exclusive "100% Money Back Guarantee" on all pre-owned aircraft sold


  • Air Power, Inc. is established to sell, service and distribute factory engines and parts at wholesale prices


  • Air Power becomes the #1 Textron Lycoming and Teledyne Continental Motors engine distributor in the world


  • Cessna honors Van Bortel with the Cessna PropJet Service Center designation—1 of only 10 in the nation


  • In December, Air Power sells 375 engines in one month


  • Van Bortel Aircraft becomes a Cessna dealer for the North Texas sales region


  • Van Bortel Aircraft is awarded the Robert H. Ames Gold Star Award for the #1 dealer in the nation


  • Van Bortel Aircraft receives three of Cessna's national awards—the Robert H. Ames Gold Star Award, Heavy Hauler, and Parts Volume Achievement Award
  • Van Bortel increases its Cessna parts business by almost 500% in four years by offering incredible prices to customer for Cessna parts


  • Cessna expands Van Bortel Aircraft's territory to include most of the state of Texas and the state of New Mexico
  • Van Bortel Aircraft receives Cessna's Robert H. Ames Gold Star Award (for an unprecedented 3rd year in a row) and Cessna's Parts Volume Achievement Award
  • Air Power offers 1st ever factory engine financing program


  • Air Power gives away a brand new 2010 Ford Mustang GT convertible to one of its engine customers with its factory engine promotion
  • At the annual Cessna dealer meeting, Van Bortel receives four of the highest sales awards that Cessna offers—Heavy Hauler, Most Skyhawks Sold, Most Skylanes Sold, and Rising Star. (Although our Sales Department received these Awards, the credit is equally shared by our outstanding Service Department)


  • Air Power becomes an ADMA member
  • Van Bortel Finance Corporation is established
  • Van Bortel purchases an additional hangar to expand its service operations for the Cessna 400 Corvalis
  • Air Power launches new e-commerce website, www.AirPowerInc.com
  • Van Bortel reaches its 100% dealer goal


  • Van Bortel reaches its 150% dealer goal
  • Van Bortel Aircraft becomes a Cessna Caravan dealer for the Texas and New Mexico sales region


  • Cessna expands Van Bortel Aircraft's Cessna Caravan dealer territory to include the state of Louisiana
  • Air Power receives distributorships with Hartzell, Curtis Valve and Barry Controls
  • Van Bortel Finance Corporation exceeds $30,000,000 in loans


  • Van Bortel launches its new website
  • Van Bortel updates its customer lobby with new modern furnishings and Cessna artwork
  • Cessna authorized Van Bortel Aircraft to exclusively distribute the last 16 brand new 2013 Turbo T182T that will ever be manufactured
  • Van Bortel sets a goal to sell 200 Cessna aircraft in 2013!!

"From the initial purchase to the sale and all the intervening service my experience with Van Bortel has been great." — E.S.

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