Export Costs

Models 172–206

Disassembly, Crating, and Containerization (per aircraft)

Contact your salesperson for current pricing.

Ocean Freight Section (Prices based on a Cessna 182T):

Sydney  $  11,300.00
Melbourne  $  11,056.00
Hamburg  $    9,662.00
Brisbane $  11,056.00
Antwerp $    9,116.00
Liverpool $    9,290.00
Felixstowe $    9,638.00
Osaka $    9,744.00
Singapore $    9,093.00
Xingang $    9,359.00
Istanbul $    9,680.00
Durban $  15,760.00
Bombay $  10,120.00
Mumbai $  10,214.00
Busan $    9,161.00
Bangkok $    9,413.00
Manila $    9,245.00

Price includes All Perils Insurance. *Does not include Customs Clearance, Duties, Taxes, Custom or Quarantine Inspections

Ferry Quote Section (Prices based on a 182T):

Brazil (Vitoria Airport) $23,000
Dubai $34,000
Entebbe $32,000
Germany $20,000
Italy (Southern) $23,000
Lanseria $36,000
Nairobi $34,000
Netherlands $19,500
Poland $23,500
Slovakia $23,500
Uganda $32,000
Venezuela $14,000
France $20,000

Prices do not include insurance.

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